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Unique exhibition at the Bucherer Boutique in Geneva in tribute to the Legends of Motorsport

Motor sport is in the spotlight at Bucherer Geneva with a unique exhibition by the famous German photographer Rainer Schlegelmilch as a tribute to the Legends of Motor Racing.

The exhibition opened on 5 March and presents some fifteen large prints featuring some of the big names in Formula 1: Jo Siffert, of course, but also Jochen Rindt, Graham Hill and many others… Various drivers can be seen in intimate, curious and sometimes even comical situations.


With a collection of 15,000 monochrome and 600,000 colour photographs, Rainer Schlegelmilch has an unpublished, original archive, always with a common thread: the search for the link between man and machine.

His work has won numerous awards, with publications such as ‘The golden Age of Formula 1’, ‘The Roaring 70’ and ‘Formula 1 World champions’. Admired for his work, Rainer Schlegelmilch was given a lifetime photographer’s pass by Bernie Ecclestone after covering his 600th Grand Prix. But it’s not just Formula 1,


In addition to being a special exhibition space, the Bucherer Gallery is a meeting place for enthusiasts. People come to talk about car mechanics, of course, but also about watchmaking. Indeed, sports car enthusiasts also often appreciate high-end watches.

The photos gathered here, most of which were taken in the 1960s, all tell a story. Just as a previously worn watch, like those found in this space, can tell the story of its first owner. It is no longer a simple timepiece, but a journey through an object that takes on a second life and is just waiting to be loved again.

It is no longer a simple timepiece, but a journey through an object that takes on a second life and is just waiting to be loved again.

Many famous timepieces are linked to motor racing, whether in the cinema with Steve MacQueen’s Tag Heuer Carrera or with the famous Rolex Daytona, named after the motor racing circuit of the same name in the United States, to name but two examples.

This photo exhibition, specially compiled for Bucherer – from the extensive “Starcollections” archive (about 60 years of motor sport in collaboration with Rainer Schlegelmilch) – is open to all on the 4th floor of the Bucherer boutique in the Rue du Rhône. So whether you are passionate about cars or beautiful vintage watches, don’t miss this spring event.

Credit: “Rainer W. Schlegelmilch / Motorsport Images”

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