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The Radet – Piquet team will participate in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in March 2022!

The Radet – Piquet team will participate in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in March 2022!

Concept :

The concept of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is unique. Since its creation in 1990, it has not changed. In order to win, each team must mark the beacons and cover the minimum number of kilometres with the help of a map, compass and compass.

All other navigation technologies are prohibited. A route strategy should be worked out the day before and adjusted on the ground according to the obstacles encountered. Penalty points are awarded to crews that request assistance during the event. Thus, by combining the kilometres travelled and the penalties, a ranking is established.

The rally takes place in Morocco, in the Sahara desert. It lasts 9 days with two marathon events. These two events are designed to take participants out of their comfort zone. It takes two days to reach the beacon. All crews spend the night in the middle of the desert in total independence and in spartan conditions.

About :

They are two young mothers of 34 and 35 years old who are keen on motor sports. For more than 10 years this rally has made them dream through the media. They have decided to make this dream come true in March 2022 in the 4×4 petrol category. To finance it, their association WWA based in Gex collects funds mainly through corporate sponsorship or generous donors. Anaïs Bescond, Olympic biathlete and gold medallist in 2018, joins their project to support them. She is the patron of their association. They are very proud of this.

Sponsorship offers :


(1) For all funding, you are cordially invited to their thank you cocktail
(2) An article on www.legendsmagazine.ch mentioning you as a partner + A complete cleaning of your vehicle by Car Cosmetic + 100 Carbon business cards for your company by their partner Carbonara Tech


Existing partners:

Car Cosmetic, Carbonara tech, Legends Magazine

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