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Rebellion, the mechanics of the competition

Official timekeeper of the famous Rally Raid since 2019, Rebellion Timepieces has demonstrated its rigour and passion for the Dakar. As for the event, Rebellion Racing has entered two cars for the second consecutive year. The DXX Buggy #351, driven by Alexandre Pesci (President of Rebellion Timepieces, Rebellion Racing and Rebellion Motors), while the second DXX Buggy #315, was driven by professional driver Romain Dumas. That’s how committed Rebellion Corporation is to this fantastic adventure.

A true human and mechanical adventure, the Dakar is one of the greatest races in the world. A prologue and 12 stages run at breakneck speed through the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Saudi Arabia. With almost 8,000 kilometres of racing, including 4,767 special stages, the 2021 Dakar has kept all its promises. For Rebellion Racing, this 43rd Dakar should have brought its two buggies to the finish, but in this event nothing is ever written in advance. Alexandre Pesci’s wish was to enter the top 40, but he had to give up on the ninth stage. Fortunately, the other buggy was still in the race, and will win the finish in 43rd place.

“The Dakar is the ultimate adventure,” said Alexandre Pesci, “pushing man and machine to their physical and mechanical limits. Just like at Rebellion Timepieces! “Indeed, to engage in such an adventure, one must have a taste for challenge, a taste for the extreme. The same one that Alexandre Pesci had for his manufacture, constantly pushing the limits of the watch industry.

The Dakar is a race against the clock.

For a race like the Dakar, the stopwatch has a primordial, essential role here, and it is not David Castera, Dakar Director who will contradict us. “The Dakar is a race against the clock”, he explains, “The gaps are measured in seconds and minutes the first few days, then the notion of extreme endurance appears on the stopwatches, stage after stage. “Absolute precision is the rule to guarantee fairness between the competitors and it is no coincidence that it has been entrusted to Rebellion Timepieces, which in addition to the indisputable quality of its measuring instruments, knows perfectly well the workings of automobile competition.
For its participation in the 2021 Dakar, Rebellion Timepieces has presented two watches in a limited edition of 20 pieces: Twenty One Three Hands and Predator Chronograph. Watches with a powerful and elegant design naturally inspired by competition.

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