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Behind each exhibition hides a shadow profession which is of great importance. This is the profession of an exhibition curator. His mission is to create, curate, buy and sell, the managing of exhibitions, network with people, and holding all the threads together. This is what Ralph Jahns does for his international customer base, both private clients and companies

From marketing to collection photography

The course is not trivial. Ralph Jahns gained experience in marketing out of the perspective from agencies and companies as well in the areas of automotive and fashion, before he turned to the marketing of sports and culture events. He found his passion by founding and runinng a company that showcases and sells fine art photography with the biggest players of today. Apart from his collaborations with the most prestigious names in the German automobile industry, Ralph Jahns worked as Head of Marketing of the German racing series DTM (Deutsche Touring Car Masters).

Initiator of the platform www.startcollections.com

Today, Ralph Jahns is a trendscout, a networker and a “doer” who selects the greatest photographers from various fields His portfolio includes works by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch, René Staud or Jim Rakete, , all wellknown names in the automotive industry, in the fashion world and musical entertainment etc. As an advisor for all those who wish to organize an exhibition of works and / or organize an event, he succeeds in realizing inspiring moments for enthusiasts. Currently he has organized three exhibitions for Bucherer boutiques: that of Rainer W. Schlegelmilch in Zurich and Bern and that of Stefan Bogner in Geneva. The first had taken a unique shot of Ayrton Senna, while the second does not hesitate to photograph the Swiss mountains, including the Gotthard region

Exposition Rainer Schlegelmilch à Zurich

Un lien particulier avec Porsche

A special bond with Porsche

Un lien particulier avec Porsche marque les activités de Ralph, notamment ses collaborations avec René Staud, ici devant une Porsche 911 G-Model avec Ralph
Jahns et Mario Strzelski.

A special bond with Porsche marks Ralph’s activities, most notably hiscollaborations with René Staud seen here in front of a Porsche 911 G-Model with Ralph Jahns and Mario Strzelski.


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And that is how it all started…

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