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Passion Lancia at Drive Vintage

Much more than a simple garage, Drive Vintage offers all the services that a confirmed collector, or an enthusiast who starts, can dream of, freeing him from any constraint so that he can only enjoy moments of pleasure with his cars. The Team also cares on an impressive collection of Lancia from the great rallies era, some of which are in the “Stradale” version. The two founders, Sébastien and Jeremy, share with us their passion for the automobile, and particularly for this historic brand which means a lot for them.

Lancia Wins at the world championship :

1972 : 1er with the Fulvia HF

1974, 75 et 76 : 1st with the stratos (wich will continue to race until 1979

1983 : 1st with the rally 037

1987 to 92 : 1st six times with the delta h.f 4 wd then with the integrale variant

1993 : the Lancia brand withdraws from racing, leaving a void in the wrc

The “Verte Rive” property has been preserved in a state very close to its origin. It is maintained with care, and a certain devotion, by the steward of the estate, Mr. Thierry Christinat, adjutant non-commissioned officer. It happened that our interview was very quickly immersed in a certain intimacy with this illustrious character who the Swiss were fans of. Even if the word was not yet integrated into our vocabulary, it conveys this feeling, tinged at the same time with respect and gratitude towards this man, rather small and steely-eyed. That underlined his determination.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : You are known to be passionate about cars, and for the Lancia brand. How did your collection start ?

SÉBASTIEN : You are well informed ! Have you met me once on the road in our beautiful region ? More seriously, when I was still a little boy, I played with miniature cars at 1/43 scale. Then as I grew up, I continued this collection with slightly larger models, at 1/1 scale. This is where I started to “borrow” my father’s car: a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo I with which I obtained my driving license. But what was most important to me was being able to share this passion with people who are dear to me: my dad, my godfather Brunello who had a dealership in Lugano. Without forgetting Giovanni Sinopoli who, throughout his career, took care of the Fiat Group’s cars for the press, and also prepared some others for competition. So, since I was born in 1974 and especially from my teenage years, I have always been interested in racing cars. We followed the exploits of the brand at the WRC (World Rallye Championship), where Lancia was crowned world champion several times. To some people this collection may seem important while for others it deserves to be completed with the racing versions of Group A and B, but also with the futuristic models.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : Lancia has been a rally brand. Does this passion for racing still motivate you?

SÉBASTIEN : This passion will never leave me. No other car than Lancia has had so many awards. No other car than Lancia has had so many awards. Being also a Formula 1 fan, I live my passion whenever I can, but the occasions are rare because there are many restrictions due to noise, etc … I still admire the world of rallying and those who practice it. Even though the passion for racing is still very much present, there is not a lot of opportunity to drive a rally as an amateur.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : Lancia is also one of the most copied brands. Do you offer advice to your customers so that they avoid mistakes when purchasing this type of vehicle ?

JEREMY : Obviously, we support each client seeking advice and expertise. The classic car world is deceptive and sometimes risky. Each vehicle deserves a thorough check, both technically and historically. In five years, we have been able to acquire an impressive database that allows us to identify “good cars”. An expertise from which our customers benefit, looking for that rare pearl, or when selling their vehicle. We advise them the best we can throughout these steps, without influencing them in their aspirations.


SÉBASTIEN : For my part, I would say that Lancia is more than copied. Many vehicles are even “tampered with”. Every driver or owner of this brand is someone who wanted to enjoy it above all. Sometimes even by making a few modifications to feel the sensations of an Alén, Oriol or even Toivonen, all titled under the emblem of this Italian brand. However, whatever the passion is, the golden rule to constantly observe is: keep the vehicle in its original condition.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : One could say that your services are discreet, but not secret, why ?

JEREMY & SÉBASTIEN : We are like our customers who find within our team a high quality of service and a family spirit.


LEGENDS MAGAZINE : One of our readers would like to participate in the Goodwood festival with his classic car. Can you advise him on request and set up such a project ?

JEREMY : Obviously, this is part of the services offered by Drive Vintage. We organize absolutely everything from A to Z.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : Could you tell us more about your “Bunker Car Hotel” project ?

JEREMY : The Bunker Car Hotel is not a project, but a concept that already exists within Drive Vintage. This is a space thought out and designed for the safekeeping of classic cars. It is linked to a set of automotive concierge services. Nowadays, we have several secure, very discreet spaces that allow us to store prestigious vehicles with confidence. Thanks to its expertise, Drive Vintage is also able to design and build storage spaces for individuals. SÉBASTIEN : The name Bunker Car Hotel allows to include all the elements of our concept. Bunker : Sécurité et Discrétion / Car : Voitures / Hotel : Chambre et Service. En tant que diplômé de l’EHL, le parallèle était naturel avec le service à offrir pour lier ces deux passions.


LEGENDS MAGAZINE : Could you tell us more about your “Bunker Car Hotel” project ?

JEREMY : In many ways, this is an atypical place on the Lemanic Arc. It is also planned to dedicate the 3’000 m² of this old sawmill from 1934 to crafts and to the theme of the rolling object in general. A workshop in mechanics and a security service are also planned. Members will benefit from an offer and an entertainment area in this lounge, and during a visit they may come across some well-known pilots installed in the region. This versatile location based on the Vaudois coast will offer flexible spaces to future tenants and will give pride of place to culture and local products. A real meeting place, it will be used from time to time as an event infrastructure and will, among other things, make it possible to carry out photo shooting, organize vehicle launches or even test drives with various dealers. Close to nature, it will offer a direct departure on the roads of Jura, without urban passage, providing immediate driving pleasure that will delight collectors and enthusiasts. In summary, the goal is to recreate a friendly universe, starting with a club. Members will benefit from an offer and an entertainment area in this lounge, and during a visit they may come across some well-known pilots installed in the region. This community will bring together epicureans as well as entrepreneurs, business leaders, or simply enthusiasts. So, stay tuned !

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