Pilatus and Albinati Aeronautics fly together

Very attached to Swiss quality, Albinati Aeronautics is since two decades an operator which manages a fleet of business jets based in Geneva, and which operates 25 aircraft. Since last year, the recognized airline has acquired two PC-24 and two PC-12 from Pilatus, the Stans manufacturer who conquered the world thanks to the quality and reliability of these two aircrafts.

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]P[/eltdf_dropcaps]ilatus is first and foremost a myth. One of the first planes landing on glaciers with Hermann Geiger at the controls. It was aboard a Pilatus Porter that saved lives by landing in the mountains. The Turbo- Porter, still very active today, is mainly used for transport and skydiving enthusiasts. With the PC-7, Pilatus supplies the Swiss army with its first modern “made in Switzerland” military turbine trainer aircraft. Even today, aboard PC7 Team planes, equipped with PC-7, Swiss Army pilots perform masterly demonstrations across Europe. These aircraft and the PC-9 are also the first training for future professional aviators, who will be required to fly FA-18.


It was in 1991, exactly 30 years ago, that the prototype of the PC-12, the company’s first business aircraft, was born. It is still the most successful single-engine aircraft in its class to this day, accommodating eight passengers and capable of taking off and landing on short and even grass runways of just 750 meters. A peculiarity that has earned it its adoption by several countries which are poorly endowed with airport infrastructure. The plane is being sold very well and, to everyone’s surprise, Pilatus decides to develop a light twin-engine jet, the PC- 24, which respects the brand’s DNA: reliability, short take-off, versatility since it can be easily transformed into a light carrier, or in a medical plane. This is success. The aircraft is marketed in 2015, and the order book is full. Albinati Aeronautics has existed for over 20 years. Its founder Stefano Albinati, professional pilot and former head of flight operations at Breitling, is stingy in with compliments: “This is the perfect aircraft for traveling around Europe in unparalleled comfort and safety. We are the only French-speaking Swiss airline approved to operate the PC-24 commercially, which sets us apart on this market which seeks excellence above all. “

Pilatus is first and foremost a myth. One of the first planes landing on glaciers with Hermann Geiger at the controls.


The PC-12 was born 30 years ago, Albinati Aeronautics 20 years ago. Their “Swissness” is a fundamental asset in their respective successes. The reputation of both are forged on the same values of precision, service, safety and above all, listening to customers and their needs. The first operator in Switzerland to commercially offer two PC-24 and two PC-12, Albinati Aeronautics is the beneficiary of the very first license for these aircrafts in French-speaking Switzerland. This gives access to these planes for all types of travellers and honour the collaboration between an aircraft manufacturer and the airline. The agreement between the two companies is therefore only a logical continuation of complementary ideas between the supplier and the operator.

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