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Much more than customs, we are talking here about real creations worthy of the golden age of mechanics.

“Reinvented, rebuilt and brought back to life” is the motto of Antoine Meister. Originally from Schwiz, he founded Meister Engineering in the Geneva region where he quenches his creative passion by giving life to numerous exceptional motorcycles. “When I started out, all customs began from a Harley Davidson base,” he says. Very few people did it “in English way” with cafe racers and scramblers. So much so that he rushed into the breach with all his creativity to become one of the pioneers. Originally specializing in BMWs, many other prestigious brands now also pass into the hands of master Meister, such as Triumph, Suzuki, Ducati, Honda to name only a few. By now, more than a hundred motorcycles have been created on its premises. Having started the adventure at 13, he first got his hands on a moped, before starting to resell his first creations at the university parking lot. Since then, his reputation has spread across Europe for his conversions. What more can we say except that he didn’t have a degree in mechanics, opened his company at 22, and he’s only 30! That there is a genius? Certainly! And what a feat to have obtained the Swiss DTC certifications to carry out modifications to the entire chassis. This prized and indispensable Grail, which allows him to

unleash his creativity while guaranteeing the homologation of his works on the road. Whatever the scale of the challenge is, from the most modest to the most luxurious, his creativity is fully expressed and systematically results in masterpieces in which it is sometimes very difficult to recognize the original model, so deep the transformation is. His motorcycles are built not only as works of art, but also to enhance the enjoyment of riding. The modifications made to the engine, the suspensions, as well as the structure attest to this. The customer can bring his own motorbike as a base, or choose from a wide selection of refurbished “pre-bases” offered by Meister Engineering. The adventure then begins between the artist and the future happy owner, who determines each step of the creation. A discussion takes place to design the project, choose the elements to find or to machine, as well as to define the overall budget. Everything is reviewed, whether it comes to the engine or electrical components, paintwork and accessories. Antoine Meister, for his part, immerses himself in the client’s personality to give him a tailor-made personalization. He brings his expertise and his know-how, and thus assures you of the success and harmony of your project. For the most impatient ones, it is also possible to purchase directly one of his numerous

creations on site, at his showroom in Geneva. The dynamism of Meister Engineering is impressive, with two or three prototypes constantly being created, in addition to customer requests This allows the catalog of approved modifications to be extended even further, while presenting the range of possibilities. And when we talk about the regulatory constraints imposed by Switzerland, he responds with a smile that “unlike popular beliefs, it is not the approval that is the limit, but the imagination!”. Indeed, Meister Engineering is the Swiss company which has the largest number of approvals of structural modifications for motorcycles.

Legends Magazine

Looking at one of his latest achievements, one can be under the spell of the new life he has managed to breathe into an old BMW, the K100. Produced between 1983 and 1990, it is distinguished by its engine with 4 cylinders in line of 1000 cm³. Affected at the time of the nickname “Flying Brick”, this one usually arouses little enthusiasm and is even often cannibalized by other cafe racer projects. It was without taking into consideration the boldness combined with the creativity of Meister Engineering, which helped to magnify this bike to bring it new glory. What is particularly appreciated is the significant work done on the rear suspension mounted horizontally on the side, with arms machined from aviation aluminum. The bare structure and absence of a chassis shine a light on the impressive inline 4-cylinder engine. Its structural function and prominent intake trumpets make it easy to see. This effect is further enhanced by the contrast of the very ventilated spoked wheels, and the cantilevered saddle suspended high above the wheel. ttention to details, charm and elegance do the rest. This is why we strongly encourage you to visit his website or push the doors of his showroom to discover his other creations. For the future, Antoine Meister promises to reveal his electric retrofit projects that we are delighted to discover.

Workshop Store et Showroom

24 route de Compois 1252 Meinier Upon appointment only Phone: +41 79 33 66 129

30 Rue Maunoir, 1207 Geneva Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 2pm – 7pm Thursday 2pm-7:30pm Saturday 1pm-5pm Phone: +41 79 33 66 129 Store et Showroom


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