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Meccaniche Veloci – The most Italian of Swiss watchmakers

A watch like no other. Beyond the automobility of time, an invitation to celebrate the luxury of being yourself.

The most Italian of Swiss watchmakers.

The recipe for a successful watchmaking cocktail? The boldness of Italian design, breaking with the codes of the mainstream. A touch of passion for cars, “shaken, not stirred”. Attention to detail and excellence inspired by Swiss craftsmanship. This is the spicy cocktail that all watch connoisseurs can agree on! Meccaniche Veloci aspires to inspire the freedom to dare to be different.

Not just collectors’ items, these unusual watches are steeped in history, a passion for fulfilling one’s dreams and an unwavering commitment to staying true to one’s values.

Pause the day to discover what makes Meccaniche Veloci so unique, through an exclusive interview with its CEO, Cesare Cerrito. It was in a very relaxed atmosphere that we were able to meet the CEO and the managing director of the company. Their headquarters, also known as MV House, is a tastefully designed space located in Plan-Les-Ouates. Cigar lovers, the place lends itself to this sweet indulgence where Cesare Cerrito and Riccardo Monfardino are both delighted to welcome their customers to discuss shared passions ranging from watchmaking to the automotive world, which is part of the brand’s DNA.

The objectives are clear: to embody original luxury, with non-industrialised codes.

Let’s go back a few years, when Meccaniche Veloci was created in 2006 by an Italian watch designer, Marco Colombo. His passion for cars was the primary inspiration for creating watches with iconic four-circle dials, as he borrowed this famous aesthetic from the pistons of the four-stage engines of Ferrari racing cars. Beauty was the first element of the story

In 2015, the brand was taken over by an ambitious entrepreneur who wanted to make this young brand a timeless reference. Les objectifs sont clairs : incarner un luxe original, avec des codes non industrialisés. To elevate Meccaniche Veloci to the status of a masterpiece of time, its first challenge, after moving production from Milan to Geneva, was to incorporate the advanced know-how of the Swiss watchmaking tradition. After three years of development, he adds innovation and progress to his list of things done, with a manufacture movement MV8802 to replace the 4 ETA movements previously used. The brand’s 100% Swiss Made construction adds to the prestige and uniqueness of the unique movement which drives the 4 time zone movements completely independently. The attention to detail lies in the subtle combination of design reminiscent of red car brake pads.

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