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Louis Maulini, a builder at the steering wheel

It is with the same attention to detail, the same passion for “beautiful work” and the same determination to do the best that Louis Maulini has built up, since the early 1970’s, a solid record of achievements in car racing, mainly in single-seaters. He appeared at the famous “Rallye de Genève” in 1971 with his brother Michel at the steering wheel of a Lancia HF in the colours of the “Ecurie de la Meute” of which he was one of the pillars, having chaired it from 1987 to 1991. However, we see him appear at the famous “Geneva Rally” in 1971 with his brother Michel at the wheel of a Lancia HF in the colors of the “Ecurie de la Meute” of which he is one of the pillars, having chaired it. from 1987 to 1991. It would not be complete complete if we did not mention his famous CHEVRON 2L with which he won the won the internal championship of the la Meute in 1976. From then on, Louis moves on to single-seaters and more particularly especially to the Formula 3 with a 1974 model model of 1974 which, in spite of an update winter, proved to be very little uncompetitive. It is the acquisition of a more recent model which allowed him to begin to assert itself. The sporting career of Louis Maulini, an amateur pilot, in addition to having been the director of an important company in his sector, is remarkable. having been the director of an important company in his sector, is remarkable, Swiss vice-champion of F3 twice and once 3rd. A special mention is necessary for the championship of 1980 which only escaped Louis Maulini which escaped only by a hair’s breadth to Louis Maulini at the wheel of a very efficient MARCH 803. very efficient MARCH 803, which was unfortunately unfortunately destroyed during the last race in Hemberg. This is the place to to recall the extreme requirements of the Swiss championship Swiss championship and the totally that the races “against the clock” are less dangerous than those against the clock” are less dangerous than those on the circuit. Without forgetting to to say, loud and clear, that the circuits are also good for learning how to drive and always useful for road safety road safety in general!
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2021 : Louis Maulini aboard his 100% Geneva-based single-seater, which was built by Filipinetti and has
raced in 1962 in Monza

He is the illustration of what the English like to define as a “gentleman-racer”.

The story would not be complete if we did not mention his attempts to take part in the Monaco F3 GP which he just barely missed during the tests On the other hand, this experience gave him the opportunity to measure himself against the world elite in the discipline. It was certainly rich in lessons for the continuation of his career. He has stopped participating in the various championships because of the ever more stringent regulations that change every year. On the other hand, he participates very willingly in races reserved for historic cars, always accompanied, as in the 70s, by his wife.

Moteur Cossworth pre cross-flow de 1100 cm³ à 3 paliers


As a matter of fact, it is from the end of the 80’s that he has been interested in historic cars and bought a wreck of LOTUS Elan which would allow him to win the Swiss Historic Trophy in 1990. The vehicle we are interested in today is a Cooper T59 BMC that was partially destroyed on the Vetraz-Monthoux circuit (near Geneva) by a Genevan driver, Willy Schiess, and found in the Chablais region. This single-seater, which he was able to buy in 2018, was acquired by Georges Filipinetti, owner of the famous eponymous team, in 1962 when he was president of the FSEA (Fédération Suisse des Ecuries Automobiles), to make it available to the federation. At the same time a “Swiss national team” was set up to support the top drivers. The late Jo Siffert, recommended by the Meute for the occasion, was of course part of it. Louis Maulini has entirely restored this Cooper and put it back to it’s original configuration, except for the engine. A Ford-Cosworth 1100 cc of the same period has replaced the BMC, and is therefore an important single-seater for the history of its owner as well as for Swiss motor sport. It should also be noted that this machine was rebuilt in Louis’ garage with the help of local craftsmen. What is particularly striking when you approach Louis Maulini is, his ever-present smile and his modesty. He is an example of what the English like to call a “gentleman racer”. There is little doubt that he could have gone a little further in this sport. He preferred to keep it as a hobby, his professional career being dedicated to the family business, which is one of the best in its field and of which the recent renovation of the Geneva Music Conservatory is certainly a flagship as well as an outstanding technical feat. His practice of sport cars is like his own way of managing his construction business, very thoughtful, supported by a team of dedicated people and particularly with attention to details because, as we all know, the details are the trickiest to get right. Louis Maulini is definitely a builder who has built up a very fine personal sporting history. Legends Magazine thanks him for his welcome, his availability and the easy access to his historic cars.


EPOQUE_1980 Maulini March-min
EPOQUE_1979 Maulini Gurnigel-min
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