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Emil Frey a company that will soon be 100 years old!

In 1924, Emil Frey, a trained mechanic, became self-employed and opened his first bicycle and motorbike workshop in Zurich. The young man was in tune with the times, with motorbikes and cars enjoying their first wave of success in Switzerland at that time. Emil Frey quickly built up a first-class reputation as a specialist in quality service.

He is very professional and is not afraid of breaking new ground: the young garage owner successfully takes part in motorbike races, not only for the sake of sportsmanship, but also to demonstrate the quality of his products.
In 1934, in his letter to customers, Emil Frey said: “My business motto is to sell my customers only top quality goods at reasonable prices”.

The entrepreneur will also emphasise the importance of management and employee well-being. In 1955, for example, he addressed his employees in these terms: “A happy worker is a better worker who performs better, a happy boss is a better boss who is more successful. “This was a reminder of one of the group’s most important priorities: to focus on human capital.

Emil Frey will become a legend by developing a major automotive group. His small workshop in Zurich was the foundation stone of a large group of companies in the automotive industry that today occupies a leading position in Europe.

Today, the Emil Frey Group is known internationally, but remains a classic family business. The founder’s principles are still embedded in the company’s culture. When Emil Frey’s son Walter bought the company from his father in 1975, he refused to go public. It will therefore not be the shareholders or the banks who decide on the future of the company.

Emil Frey SA places its employees at the centre of its business. They are the company’s greatest asset, in particular through a network of local garages: In Geneva, the Emil Frey Centre in Le Vernets promotes the values defended by the group’s founder: quality, competence and a spirit of proximity.

The Centre represents Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Subaru and Suzuki, strong brands in the new engine market. Its Director, Urs Burger, who has been at the helm since 2011, is proud to
represent brands that are in tune with the times, oriented towards the future, and to offer its customers a quality local service, thanks to passionate and well-trained employees. While the Emil Frey Centre in Les Vernets offers a wide range of hybrid and electric vehicles, it is not outdone in the sports car market:

The Toyota GR Supra. Legendary among sports car enthusiasts, film buffs and video gamers, the Toyota Supra has a racing DNA – it draws on lessons learned from competing at the highest level. Available in 2.0 258 hp and 3.0 340 hp
The Toyota GR Yaris, designed by champions for thrill-seekers. This sporty compact offers a Circuit Pack – test it on the track! 1.6 Turbo with 261 hp and 1,280 kg
The Lexus LC, dynamic and luxurious, the V8 is very pleasant! Available in 3.5 hybrid and 464 hp petrol V8
So many powerful cars that will please fans of big engines…

Emil Frey at the Geneva Show
in 1961
Emil Frey at the Geneva Show in 1961
Urs Burger , Director of the Emil Frey Centre in Les Vernets. (Geneva)
Urs Burger , Director of the Emil Frey Centre in Les Vernets. (Geneva)
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