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Rarely has the professional career of a watch designer has been so linked to his passions. If Clément Meynier comes straight from CERN, his original loves, together with those of his commu- nity, are automotive adrenaline. With the mi- racle of some well-fitted steering wheel turns and tires screeching on the asphalt on the rythm of time, Clément became an accelerator of horologi- cal particles. His aesthetic sense merges with the talent of the early designer, Gaël Boujon. Together, they give birth to collections which, in co-creation mode, find their audiences: like the crowds massed around the roads or other circuits, eager to appreciate the cars with their eyes… “Allure” (Attitude, in French), not only in style, since the word also evokes, in addition to the Series-A Allure mechanical chronograph, the brilliance of this vibrant entrepreneurial growth whose naming alone announces the color: “De” borrowed from “Delage”, “Pan” from “Panhard” and “cel” to “Facel Vega”. It flashes as much as a gleaming engine! It shines as much as the an- tique speedometer, the ubiquitous gauge, the nee- dle that gets you excited, or the organic leather of the flying wristbands.In Depancel there is a clear belonging to the world of elegant backfires and absolute mastery. Already 8 collections, still on pre-order: like the A-Series Stradale with its neo-vintage mecha-quartz chronograph caliber, like the P-Pista Series with all hoods open or like this Square R-Cruiser Series inspired by some mythical grille… And always in the background, this green “English cars” so deliciously evocative of timeless epics…

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