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Ticino know-how at the service of classic heritage


Located in Grancia, near Lugano, Toybox is a true toolbox designed to bring your dreams back to life. Developed by AUTOMOTIVE PASSION, the trademark Toybox proposes various services enabling you to fully live your passion.

Through its program « Beyond restoration, Renaissance », Toybox offers to renovate vehicles for elegance contests, applying passionate care. The aim of this program is to produce cars equivalent or better than new ones. All the components are revised or replaced, and the assembly is detailed to be mechanical art.

As proof, this fantastic Range Rover Classic 1977 V8 3.5 L demonstrates the knowledge and patience it took to reach this outstanding result. Although specialized in Range Rover, the team has recently achieved refurbishing a Golf GTI early model 1977, and an Audi Quattro first edition. On the day of our visit, we were also able to appreciate the Alfa Romeo 1974 GT2000 Veloce where every detail, even the most invisible one, is systematically taken care of.

A second aspect of these restorations is the modernization, to make the driving experience more pleasant. Such mods include modern ignition systems, Bluetooth, reverse cameras, as well as aesthetic changes.

And last but not least, Toybox Car Hotel offers long-term storage with the vehicles kept inside pressurized individual compartments to prevent any dust from entering the car.


Come have a look in Lugano!



TOYBOX — Auto Care & storage

Via Cantonale, 22

CH-6917 Grancia


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