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Young and already famous, Amy Shore is a photographer full of ideas and talent. Solicited by many major manufacturers such as Jaguar, Lexus, Triumph and many others, she is also the ambassador of several luxury brands including a watchmaker, a leather goods manufacturer, not to mention Nikon, which was the first to call upon her. From the Shetland Islands, to the Bonneville Great Salt Lake via Switzerland, Amy Shore is always in search of adventures, new challenges, beautiful mechanical and human experiences. She takes a break here to reveal her background, her tastes and her vision of the automotive world.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : The passion you show in your photo is obvious. Can you tell us how your taste for cars and photography was born?

AMY SHORE : I got my first real camera when I was 16 years old from my parents for my birthday and I just loved photographing people and friends and things around me. Cars had always been around me because of my dad, as he worked for Team Lotus back in the 1980s. However, I never really got into cars until I could drive myself. My passion for classic cars started when I was 19 years old and decided that classic Mini’s were really cool, and I knew that my dad could fix them for me. So, I bought my first classic car and I started doing photography as a part time job, photographing weddings and doing odd jobs here and there.


LEGENDS MAGAZINE : It seems that at this point all the ingredients were already in place to reveal you. What was the trigger that propelled you into this adventure ?

AMY SHORE : Friends of my dad have built a replica Ferrari P4 and needed some photographs taken of it. Those pictures ended up going viral on social media and less than a month later my dad took me to the Goodwood Revival. And that’s how it started ! I just tried to photograph cars like I would people, trying to show off their emotions and characteristics. I love photographing classic cars more as I be-lieve they have more emotion and character than modern cars.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : It seems you have a special sense to spot the very historic marvels. Which ones impress you most?

AMY SHORE : Whatever the classic car is, it has a great story that I look forward to photographing. Anything that you see racing at the Goodwood Revival or Members Meeting, and certainly, Swiss Concours of Elegance I have a passion for. When it comes to things like road trips and my personal trips, often it’s my own cars. Either it’s my 1985 Mini Mayfair, my 2003 Land Rover Defender or my shiny new 1974 MGB GT which I love !

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : I imagine you love British cars, but do you also have other brands in mind ?

AMY SHORE : The Citroen DS, without any doubt, is one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. Globally speaking, the French and the Italians have done very well with their design. Also, nobody can really argue that classic Ferrari’s are probably some of the most beautiful cars ever produced, along with classic British cars like Jaguar E types.

In terms of needs, it’s mainly about getting from A to B in the most adventurous way possible.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : Nevertheless, do you see some charm in recent cars?

AMY SHORE : For me, driving is about a sense of adventure, I’m not interested in racing or performance cars. In terms of needs, it’s mainly about getting from A to B in the most adventurous way possible. With modern cars, considering the evolution towards electric vehicles, the design is something we could play with. Like the Alpine A110 which really stands out. Otherwise I’d go straight for luxury because I love modern Bentley’s even though I could never afford one! In summary, I like things that have some charm and story and I think there is a gap in the market that tries to nail that brief.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : We use black and white photos in the magazine. What do you think about that?

AMY SHORE : Black and white is a completely different way to photographing in color, because you have to just focus on light and shapes. When something is in black and white you are really focused on what is going on in that picture. Quite a high skill is needed, and I often find that sometimes it’s quite difficult but enriching.

LEGENDS MAGAZINE : JI saw you have been at the Concours d’Elegance in Switzerland. Did you enjoy your stay?

AMY SHORE : Switzerland is a country I’ve been to several times, but I’ve never ventured around, though I’d love to. It’s a stunning country from what I’ve seen, and I think the Swiss Concours is probably in my top 3 concours of the world. As a country Switzerland is awesome, you have great food, great wine, great scenery, everything works, and I really like it. I would love to spend more time there and do a proper road trip through it in something beautiful as soon as it’s again authorized.

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