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Alpine A110 Legende GT 2021 test

The Alpine A110 Legende GT 2021 offers a new exterior color matt Mercury Silver

T he new Alpine A110 Légende GT of 2021, limited edition of 300 copies, is the car of the gentleman driver who seeks a sporty identity, without exuberance, all in elegance, in a magnificent charming setting which takes up the style codes dear to Alpine. .

The recipe for success

All the ingredients for success have been combined in this latest generation Berlinette which offers maximum pleasure and performance. It is a sporty coupé in light aluminum weighing 1,134 kg for 292 hp in rear-wheel drive, equipped with a very responsive engine, ideally placed in the rear central position. A Getrag dual-clutch – 7-speed auto gearbox with paddle shifters allows maximum use of its capabilities. On the track, it competes with the best German brands thanks to its remarkable agility and a 0 to 100 km / h crosses in 4.4 s. At 77’950.- it therefore offers unparalleled pleasure and performance.

An engine overflowing with generosity

When you switch to sport mode, by simply pressing the button located directly on the steering wheel, the mechanics raise the tone and take center stage. An exhaust valve opens to facilitate the flow, simultaneously releasing all its harmonics, like an orchestra accompanying the soloist embodied by the turbo. It charges from 2,000 rpm to reach more than 1,000 mbar of differential pressure, releasing powerful waste gate whistles during braking phases. Apart from its sound presence, its reactivity is such that one could almost forget it, and be led to believe that one has a V6 block, whereas it is indeed a 4 cyl. 1.8 L. To transmit its power to the wheels, the choice of the Getrag 7-speed automatic gearbox is excellent. Thanks to its speed, it allows you to propel you smoothly, and keep the turbo fully charged during gear changes. Finally, the sport mode is accompanied by a specific dial which shows both turbo pressure, an accelerometer, instantaneous torque and power. And for board sports enthusiasts, a simple button allows you to disconnect the ESP. Once these settings are activated, your smile widens even more, a sign that it’s time to let yourself be catapulted!

The Renault Sport engine develops 292 hp at 6,500 rpm and 320 Nm over the entire range.

A successful technology

The engine, a technological marvel from Renault Sport, also offers the advantage of weight and consumption contained under 9 liters for dynamic use. A multitude of variable geometry systems optimize combustion to obtain the maximum, including the intake manifold for the swirl effect, the oil pump and valve timing. The assembly gives a maximum torque of 320 Nm, constant over the entire range, from 2000 to 6500 rpm, where it reaches 292 hp. We are therefore far from any downsizing logic, because the 4-cylinder is indeed an accepted choice, in the logic of Alpine which had made the Berlinette the world rally champion in 1973.

Two sides of the same coin

Finally more than that, the Alpine A110 also presents a second equally significant facet which will charm the gentleman driver: the comfort offered by this racing car is astounding in view of its performance and its driving pleasure. With the A110, it is also possible to have immense pleasure, simply in the spirit of a country walk. The suspensions absorb the defects of the road so well that it is possible to forget that you are on board a sports car. The engine fades, the turbo goes to sleep, and you thus enter a bubble of silence and comfort.

French elegance invites you to relax

You will then enjoy its luxurious cockpit, padded with topstitched leathers, trim evoking brushed aluminum, and carbon elements with a copper frame. The whole is the most beautiful effect. Well installed in adjustable bucket seats, we let ourselves be transported, accompanied by a high quality hi-fi installation. The controls are simple, ergonomic, with no excess of buttons, and a touch screen for everything from outside connectivity to driving: navigation, music and telephony. Regarding the electric steering, it transmits a faithful feeling of the road while filtering its imperfections. Also, the heated seats remind us of its origins, the favorite playground of its creator Jean Rédélé: the Alps.

The interior is richly furnished, with elegance and refinement.

The materials used, in particular the copper-colored carbon fiber, are of the most beautiful effect.

All of the driving controls are right at your fingertips.

The materials used, in particular the copper-colored carbon fiber, are of the most beautiful effect.

The limited series identification plate is discreetly integrated into the center console above the multi-media connectors.

Versatility that can be found in use

The storage space is certainly not numerous but more than enough for a couple, with a rear trunk that can accommodate two backpacks, as well as a front trunk that can accommodate an aircraft cabin suitcase, which is sufficient in most cases. The remote key system, allowing you to open and start the car without taking it out of your jacket, provides an ease that quickly becomes a habit. Finally, despite certain elements that at first glance may seem annoying in daily use, it turns out in use that everything has been well thought out. The ground clearance, admittedly low enough, poses no difficulty in crossing back bumps and other obstacles of the kind, so that we can ride with confidence. As for the reduced rear visibility, it is largely compensated by a reversing camera which includes a very powerful night mode. In short, this car is also readily used on a daily basis, with as much simplicity as a city car can provide.

The trunk can easily accommodate two backpacks or a large shopping bag.

As an extra for the weekend, the front trunk significantly increases load capacity.

An undeniable success

Its versatility and driving pleasure allow it to have fun both on the circuit, for a walk on country roads, or even on a daily basis. Whatever the mood of the moment, it naturally adapts to its pilot to give him maximum pleasure. This new Alpine A110 Légende GT 2021 is therefore also faithful to its big sister the Berlinette, whose DNA it retains and asserts itself as its worthy heir. Already classic gentleman driver car, it will certainly mark its era with class!

The family link between the two Berlinettes is obvious.

Text: Nicolas Dazord

Photos: Alpine, Nicolas Dazord

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